Project Details


long term rentals

Current plans are to develop initial phases of Pulelehua for workforce and market rate rentals.   We believe that the great shortage of affordable long term rental units in West Maui will be substantially mitigated via the development of Pulelehua.  We believe that future residents of Pulelehua will use their stay as an opportunity to build equity and build their family with the ultimate goal of moving into separate ownership based residences when they are financially ready.     

open space

We started with 304 acres of developable land, with the mission to provide as many units as we are allowed while maintaining the beauty of the land. The development as planned has 25% open space, which is a true testament to our dedication to creating a great product that respects the land as much as the residents living on it.  

future school

There are few things that are more important than the preservation of future generations and education plays a very key role in this, an elementary school site has been dedicated to the Department of Education.  Plans have been drawn and established for this new school. The timing is dependent on the DoE, we are eager, ready and willing to work with the DoE when the time comes for their new school.

ocean and mauka views

The building layout of the development was designed to maximize view corridors so that every unit across the project has an ocean view or a mauka view depending on which direction the unit is facing. 


workforce housing

A very important aspect of this master plan development is the workforce housing component, the west side needs more affordable housing options, and we intend to build out over 450 units of affordable housing at Pulelehua which will help the community in a number of ways. It will relieve traffic coming around the island on the often dangerous Honoapiilani Highway as residents of Pulelehua  will need less  commute to the other parts of the island. DRIVE UP


Part of our design is thinking through and planning for the needs of the community. Parking is an important item in Maui, and we felt that it is important for the residents of the community to not only have drive up parking to their unit, but also have some available guest parking. Whether its family or friends, we hope to create the best residential experience on the island.



A signature architectural style to Pulelehua as planned will be its single story building design.  The residential multi-family rental units will feature the award winning style of single story direct access units.  Affiliates of Maui Oceanview LP has developed this unique architectural style of multi-family projects before and has won a prestigious national award for being one of the best in the nation.  Advantages of this type of design is easy access for residents who can park their car directly in front of their unit, increased safety from all units being on the ground level, stylistically compatible with the hillside location Pulelehua is located on as well as convenient easy outdoor living with its many community wide amenities.  

parks and trails

Maui is a wonderful island and the weather is near perfect all year round, we wanted to make sure that the West Side development community will be able to visit with each other and enjoy the amenities being built into the community, this includes parks, bbq stations, and trails. Residents and guests will be able to enjoy the development, and hopefully will share it with others.

neighborhood retail

As with any new community, comes community needs. This includes all the aspects of life that cannot be sourced directly from the home. We plan to develop retail specifically to cater to the community that supports it. We are currently looking for qualified tenants, who wish to get involved early and work towards fulfilling the needs of this new community on the West Side.

I set out to build a masterplan mix-use residential community at Pulelehua, a community that will provide a great living environment for all residents. Pulelehua will be a modern, green, spacious community that Maui citizens will enjoy living in.
— Paul Cheng